Le Bateau Feu

French National Theater

Since 2017

Nature and culture


The concept

Puppetry and object theater are at the center of the Bateau Feu’s programming, while crossing other disciplines. The visual identity translates this line through the production of imaginary creatures, assemblies of animal figures, patterns and objects. Dreamlike and colorful animal-totems, in correlation with the artistic line of the theater. For the 22-23 season, an evolution is proposed: the hybrid creatures are decomposed and projected in a composite landscape. The image is bright, airy and conveys a new momentum.


The form

Until 2022, each season is represented by a creature. The basic form, that of the animal, is hyper-realistic. The intervention of bright and unexpected colors, mostly vegetal motifs and unusual objects transform the animal figure. The gaze is moved, the imagination stimulated. The image 22-23 keeps the same aesthetic (mixture of drawing and computer techniques), the same line, the same will to surprise.