CCC – Citizen Creative Circle

The CCC - Citizen Creative Circles: small groups of volunteers, interested in a participatory, accessible and united artistic approach.

For some Cosmogama concepts, we set up Creative Citizen Circles. The citizens can be teachers, shopkeepers, students or retirees. They are not at all alike; they have probably never even met each other before. 

We like to prompt these encounters and give them meaning, celebrate them in our own way. Art and culture, memory and imagination, our inner and outer landscapes, are the driving forces behind our conversations in the Creative Citizen Circles: these discussions give rise to sensitive creative forms. 

All Makers. Associated Makers. Attentive Makers, focused on each other. Sharing Makers. Makers who have a go. Makers who know to keep going, to undo, redo, try, fail, try again. Makers who still hope. 

Makers was the name given to poets in the ancient Anglo-Saxon language. Weavers of words and builders of the material world.