Cosmogama, a Creative Atelier designs and produces multidisciplinary artistic experiences: new concepts in which writing, theater, cuisine, dance, circus, music, performance, installation, photography, video and the visual arts interact.

Cosmogama has its roots in the cultural domain and works with more than fifty contributing international artists – writers, dancers, actors, musicians, chefs, fakirs, magicians, visual artists, circus artists, etc. Cosmogama fosters a playful culture, open to new encounters, specialized in having a go. It favors a fun, sensitive, intelligent, inclusive and shared experience. 

The experiences are designed in Switzerland, France, Italy and Portugal.

The world is our stage; theaters, museums, classrooms, public squares, forest clearings, underground caves, swimming pools, gardens, etc. 

We believe in the need to be heard and to be seen, in enabling understanding and enabling feeling, by blending our languages, memories and imaginations in the name of invention, in the spaces beyond dictates.

Cosmogama is a body of expertise at the service of cultural institutions, towns, regions, businesses and individuals wishing to place the arts at the center of society. 

What matters above all, to quote Pasolini, is a love of people.

For certain concepts, the creative Atelier designing and producing multidisciplinary artistic experiences, works directly with the Cosmogama graphic design and visual arts Studio, which designs visual identities and promotes processes and forms of communication.