Cosmogama graphic design and visual arts Studio promotes processes and forms of communication tailored to each partner.

Without ever departing from the specifications given to us, we fashion visual identities that reflect our taste for hybridization, combining artistic craftsmanship and digital techniques.

We are committed to bringing a sensitive dimension to graphic design and extending it to the heart of society, as close as possible to the people and we place elegance, beauty and joy at the heart of our aesthetic endeavors. We also value dialogue, accessibility and availability in our dealings with our partners. 

Our team comprises professionals based in four countries: France, Switzerland, Portugal and Italy.

Our approach is decompartmentalized, flexible and constantly renewing itself thanks to salutary interaction with other art forms. We consider Europe our playground, and are willing to create images without borders, without seeing the multiplicity of languages as a barrier but as an essential wealth, a duty to others.

The graphic design and visual arts Studio works directly with the Cosmogama creative Atelier designing and producing multidisciplinary artistic experiences, bringing together international artist-performers to implement the concepts designed by the Atelier.