Agent Secret

Cosmogama micro-publishing

Agent Secret is a micro edition hut built freehand, a literary wandering space dreamed up by Cosmogama. Like gestures of love, our books begin nowhere. Agent Secret and agent of secrecy – his own as well as that of others – the writer is constantly starting over the world. In the crowd, he is never the crowd, but this ghost that seeks to inhabit bodies – his own as well as others’ – better than the body itself. He haunts a room, a bar, a sidewalk, a cellar, an attic, the edge of a stage, a dressing room, waiting for a dazzle, a fall, a lure to be changed into a god. Writing is an immensity, a night, a wild animal. It is a labyrinth in the darkness; one hides there, one seeks there, one loses there: writing is a game, with light and fatal rules. Agent Secret: plays, stories, poetry collections, essays, etc. With the writers of yesterday and today, let’s start the world again. Let us inhabit the bodies. Let us haunt the places. Let us watch for the dazzle or the fall. Let us walk in the night of a page. Let us hide. Let’s look for ourselves. Let’s get lost. Let us play. Without hope and without fear, let us love first. Let’s not deny the peddling literature, nor the shepherds’ calendar. Let us be modest and radical. Let’s provoke encounters. Let us think of books as notebooks and notebooks as books. Let us offer to those who read small spaces to put their notes. Let’s publish as we address a letter to a friend. Let us continue to experience the possible.



A play, an intimate story within the intimacy of history that seeks to understand a word; the word “mafia”.

Graphic design and layout: Jeanne Roualet, Camille Dubois / Notes: Camille Dubois / Proofreading: Cécile Majorel / Printing: Imprimerie Vincent / Edition: 500 copies



• At the performance venues of La Truelle
• On request to the email address: