Centaurean Tales

Produced in collaboration with the Théâtre du Centaure in Marseille, France, the Centaurean Tales are an immersive walk through nature.

This device is realized with the complicity of the Théâtre du Centaure, based in Marseille.

Theater, equestrian choreography and music echo each other in the Centaurean Tales.

Around a hundred audience members meet at a given point. One, two or three centaurs are waiting for them. Each person is then fitted out with a headset. 

The Centaurean Tale begins; a writer associated with Cosmogama writes a tale for the occasion.

The procession moves slowly in the wake of the Centaurs.

You enter the Centaurean Tale as you start to walk.

Sometimes the Centaurs stop and choreography unfolds. Then the walk resumes. 

Walking with the Centaurs is to heal the world, to experience a moment suspended in time, of pure magic, an hour with a mythological essence listening to an other-worldly story for old and young alike, a shared experience.