Limited-edition, free, environmentally friendly booklets, intended for the community, for passersby who become protagonists of a portrait book.

An illustrator and a writer collaborate in a creative residency on site: public square, school, garden, business, shopping mall, etc. close to its inhabitants. 

The illustrator sketches passersby, snapshots of life, unusual scenes – encounters, reunions, discussions or solitude. The writer hones his/her gaze and chronicles his/her presence. 

The writer sometimes takes the time to run a writing workshop on the fly. 

Someone comes to write a short text alongside him/her: a poem, a story, a haiku. 

In the company of the interacting artists, a site and its inhabitants witness this encounter between images and words, resulting in an original work which takes shape at the end of the residency, with the intervention of the Cosmogama graphic design and visual arts studio. The graphic designer and visual artist Jeanne Roualet edits the illustrations and texts gathered, in a Cosmobook; a compendium of impressions, snapshots of life, and secrets shared.