Larsen Love

3 poems created on the spot, for a short recital on a wire

Larsen Love is an improvisational performance that brings together a sound director and a writer-performer. At the beginning, there are 7 words suggested by the audience, some sound objects, a repertoire of sounds and two computers facing each other. The audience is installed close by, as if around a ring.

The writer-performer chants the 7 words suggested by the audience. Several times, as one juggles with balls. Digging into his repertoire of sounds or using an object, the sound director can add sounds or distort the voice of the writer-performer (delay, reverb, looper, etc). The sound director sketches, the sound director sculpts. The writer-performer composes a first verse. The sound director responds, always in his language. The writer-performer integrates the sound director’s response, which can become a motif or a landscape within the poem itself. The writing irrigates the sound and the sound the writing, as in a dyad. From call to call, from provocation to provocation, on this open-air site, a sound poem will be born live, with four hands. Blow for blow, caress for caress, cry for cry, until the overflow.

Here, the feedback is heard as a loving dialogue, incisive and playful, between the microphone and the speaker, a dialogue based on one-upmanship and subject to the challenge of the moment.


Performance created in January 2023 at Théâtre Molière – Sète, scène nationale archipel de Thau, January 13, 2023, then performed at La Cave Po’ Toulouse, January 21, 2023