Larsen Love

Poems created on the spot, for a short recital on a wire.

Larsen Love is an improvisational performance that brings together a sound producer and a writer-performer. Writing irrigates sound and sound irrigates writing, as in a dyad. From call to call, from provocation to provocation, on this open-air construction site, a sound poem is born live, written by four hands. Blow for blow, caress for caress, cry for cry, until the overflow. Here, feedback is understood as a loving, incisive and playful dialogue between microphone and loudspeaker, a dialogue based on one-upmanship and subject to the challenge of the moment.


Performance created in January 2023 at Théâtre Molière – Sète, scène nationale archipel de Thau, January 13, 2023, then performed at La Cave Po’ Toulouse, January 21, 2023