New Bingo

Slam, freestyle, beatbox lessons, group songs, improvised poems... are the prizes to be won at Cosmogama's New Bingo.

New Bingo brings together a bunch of improvisers on steroids, doped on Keno, the full card, the pinwheel, the state fair. You won’t find any hampers or toasters or cured hams here, just fun and games. 

New Bingo is real lottery that respects the great tradition of bingo. It’s all about placing your lucky numbers on the bingo cards in front of you. The idea is to place the small four-leaf clovers on the numbers drawn at random and to fill in your line or card before the others to win prizes. 

On stage there is an MC, a beatboxer, a rapper specialized in freestyle, a singer, a musician. They are the prizes. 

New Bingo is particularly aimed at unlucky losers, graduates of the university of losing. Come, come, don’t be afraid, because at New Bingo everyone is a winner. We promise.