Theater network in Île-de-France

Since 2022

The 2 T’s


The concept

Ticket-Théâtres gathers 20 theaters in Paris and its region. Their mission: to give companies and associations privileged access to their programming. The visual identity designed by Cosmogama is based on the letter “T”, the initial of the words “Ticket” and “Théâtres”. Together, the two “T “s form a house, a shelter that welcomes all the members of the network.

The form

The two T’s are at once a logo, a stamp, and a motif. They are deployed on all the supports, they occupy the space, following the example of Ticket-Théâtres and its influence in the region Île-de-France. The typography of the logo is in height, to take again that of the bar of the “T”. A fluo coral accompanies the whole: this bright color allows a visual identity even more impactful.