Children of the World

A real-time creation, part of a week long residency, which invites the audience on an intimate, unique journey through a country, a city, its young and youth.

Children of the World was conceived and created in 2015 in Romania and Switzerland, by Fabrice Melquiot and Martin Dutasta, photographer, musician and sound designer. They have been collaborating for twenty years. 

Cosmogama now offers this performance to theaters, schools and community centers, based on the following principle. 

Fabrice Melquiot and Martin Dutasta travel to a city for a week to meet children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 18.

Fabrice Melquiot brings a set of questions to frame a conversation; Martin Dutasta photographs favorite objects and records the underlying memories, the conversations about childhood, youth, expectations, aspirations, fears, and the present. Interviews may last from two to four hours. The writer works on a text during the residency; an echo of what has been shared, of what has remained unspoken, to probe any shyness and explore the subtext.

It is less a question of words reported back than of micro-fictions, poems, fictitious dialogues created on the basis of the testimonies gathered. The young people we meet then become the inhabitants of an imagination, a language, a cadence. 

The text, photographs, and certain sounds recorded, form the basis of a live performance: a large table on a traverse stage, the writer at one end, the photographer-musician at the other. Two screens for the images and a live reading, with music. A traditional dish from the country is prepared in the center of the table during the reading and served at the end to conclude the performance.

Writing, photography, music and cooking all contribute to the story.

An exhibition of Martin Dutasta’s photographs can be shown alongside the performance, to delve deeper into these interwoven portraits.