Dark Party

Reclaim a little darkness with an hour of dancing under the stars. A celebration devoted to the Milky Way.

The Milky Way is now only visible to a third of humanity due to light pollution. The night has reached a crisis point; darkness is now a rare commodity. Organizations are involved in the creation of star parks, starry sky reserves. The United Nations is discussing listing the starry sky as a “Common Heritage of Mankind”. Observing the starry sky has been, since the origin of our species, an existential experience. Excessive artificial light has deprived us of this on a large scale. 

Our Dark Party experience invites you to reconnect with the night through guided observation, music, poetry and dance. 

You leave by bus, to an unknown destination. After roughly 30 minutes on the road, you get off the bus into the heart of the countryside. You walk in a procession to a clearing. 

Far from the noise and lights of the city, a quartet welcomes you, consisting of an astronomer, an actor or actress, a musician and a DJ. A hundred or so deckchairs are placed around a piano. You are invited to make yourself comfortable. 

The piano or guitar is the center of attention initially. The piano and the sky. A nocturne is played: Fauré, Chopin, Schumann or Debussy. 

The writer-performer shares a text about the night, written for the occasion. His/her voice resonates in the clearing. The astronomer follows suit. He/she directs your gaze, invites you to examine the constellations, talks about the stars and time, distances and black holes. 

Then the nocturnes on the piano intertwine with the writer’s text; you lose ourselves in the music and the stars. 

The astronomer concludes the first part of the evening by asking you to distinguish between necessary light and excessive light. 

The DJ then comes on stage in perfect darkness. He/she starts a set that revisits classic nocturnes using electronic music. You dance, almost subconsciously, to Debussy and Liszt, to Fauré and Chopin.