Poetic Consultations

Like Pessoa, Cosmogama is convinced that poetry can cure all ills.

How are you? What if this question was the beginning of a moment suspended in the race of the days, a beneficial breach in your daily life? The poem is a medicine, the poet-doctor will whisper to you, welcoming you in a white coat, as it should be, for a one-on-one poetic consultation. To say a poem is to take care, with words, with sounds and images. To listen to it is to accept the plaster that you are given. Come and sit for a few minutes in the shadow of Bonnefoy, Plath or Brautigan, Prévert or Chédid. Let yourself be carried away. It is a parenthesis of delicacy which opens to you, it is a bandage of free verses which one poses on the evils of the present.

The Poetic Consultations, invented by Fabrice Melquiot almost 20 years ago, have since been taken up and adapted throughout the world.

But the original version is at Cosmogama.