Pool Poem Soundtrack

A poetry lesson for public pool and DJ. Bring your bathing suits, towels and prepare to (re)learn how to learn by heart.

About a hundred audience members meet at a swimming pool. An actor or actress is waiting for them in the lifeguard’s chair. Nearby, a DJ has prepared his/her set. 

Everybody immerses themselves in the chlorinated water and the electronic music; you dance while you swim, you swim while you dance. After a few minutes, once you are used to the water, the audience and the beat, the voice of the actor or actress speaks over the music and recites a poem. A certain poem. A beautiful poem. A poem for today, for tomorrow, for us, forever. 

The actor/actress announces that you have one hour to learn the poem by heart, while dancing and swimming. He/she says the first line of the poem again, inviting everyone to repeat this first line. 

The music starts up again. You dance, you swim. The voice of the actor/actress continues to recite the poem verse by verse, and the audience takes it up again in unison. As the poem is repeated over and over, segment by segment, everyone starts entering into the spirit and learning the poem. The poem floats in the pool, like notes, sounds, melodies, bodies. 

At the end of the concert, everyone leaves the pool with the poem in mind, having chanted it all in unison, together, like a prayer to the glory of Euterpe, Polymnia, Apollo and Poseidon.

A sensory and poetic experience that is playful, loving, unifying, educationally daring and radically addictive.