Short Cuts

A poetic documentary to capture both the intimate and the world, the secret of the spaces in which we live, the mystery of other people.

A writer is hosted in a residency in a school, city, theater, public or private company, or in a hospital emergency room. One of the beating hearts of the city. 

The residency lasts three days, during which the writer observes, meets, takes notes, photographs with his/her phone. He/she brings three books along, chosen perhaps at random from his/her library, to keep him/her company. 

At the end of the residency, he/she will have collected testimonies, spoken to some people, and captured vivid moments in writing. He/she will have photographed details in the space, perhaps a consenting face, an object in the landscape.

He/she will have filmed scraps of reality. All of which will form the basis of a video clip. 

The writer gives structure to his/her notes: in the end, it will be a story, a dialogue, a poem or something else. The writer records the text in question. He/she sends it with the photos and videos to Cosmogama. Cosmogama, using all these materials as well as the music of a Cosmoplayer, will make a short film in which the writer’s voice becomes the soundtrack of a film created on the fly. 

A documentary-exposé, observation documentary, participative documentary, in the manner of Chris Marker, Wolf Koenig or Sarah Polley, to be uploaded onto Cosmogama’s YouTube channel. 



Short Cuts realized with classes of 3e of the college La Vanoise, in Modane, during writing workshops directed in November 2021 by Fabrice Melquiot.

Video shooting: Fabrice Melquiot
Sound creation: Sophie Berger
Video editing: Ariane Catton Balabeau