The Counterwalk

The Counterwalk is a walkabout experience combining literature, music, theater or dance, circus or visual arts... and cuisine. A feast for the senses.

The Counterwalk is an original sound fiction, a lively performance and culinary narrative developed over a week’s residency. Cosmoplayers are brought together for the occasion: writers, musicians, fakirs, visual artists, dancers, circus artists, chefs, etc.

Chef Emmanuel Perrodin creates a menu with six dishes, in partnership with a hotel management school. At the same time, a writer draw up a list of six songs. 

A route in an urban or natural setting is define. The route must take no more than forty-five minutes to walk by a group of thirty to one hundred and fifty people. 

While the chef prepares the meal, the writer create a story in six installments, based on entertaining constraints: each installment must end with the title of the song that follows in the playlist and contain the description of a dish on the menu; the story must be related to the setting, echoing the route chosen and the performance that will be a continuation of the walk with headphones; it must be written in two days, recorded on the third day and mixed on the fourth and fifth days. 

The sound designer, like all Cosmoplayers, knows how to work rapidly. He/she composes, organizes, structures the music and sounds. 

During the walk, the group of listeners discovers the first five installments and the first five songs of the playlist. The walk leads to a space given over to the performance and tasting. 

You take off your headphones and listen live to the last installment of this story. 

Finally, hotel management students serve the meal; the narration spills into the plates. The materials, textures, colors and plating, all help relive the story through the taste buds of the audience who have now become guests.


March 12, 2022
Le Méta – Centre dramatique national Poitiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine





Photo credit: Xavier Cantat / Le Méta, Centre Dramatique National de Poitiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine