The Counterwalk

The Counterwalk is a walkabout experience combining literature, performance and cuisine. A feast for the senses.

A Chef creates a menu. At the same time, a writer creates a story in six installments. Menu and story interact: they are related to the territory, echoing a route defined in an urban or natural setting. Spectators are invited to follow this route, discovering the first installment through headphones. Their wanderings end in a space dedicated to a performance and a meal. The narrative ends live and on the plates. The materials, textures, colors and plating, all help relive the story through the taste buds of the audience who have now become guests.


March 12, 2022
Le Méta – Centre dramatique national Poitiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine





Photo credit: Xavier Cantat / Le Méta, Centre Dramatique National de Poitiers Nouvelle-Aquitaine