The Ways We Are

Nine teenagers, a territory, mobile phones, five days to make a movie: a challenge that Cosmoplayers love.

The Ways We Are consists of a mini film studio that houses a writer, a videographer-editor and a sound designer. It involves writing and directing a forty-five-minute documentary in five days, based on a collective process of participatory writing. 

The Ways We Are is first and foremost a way of loving. A way of loving to listen to, watch and encourage the group of nine teenagers who will make up the heart of the documentary, whose outlines are the territory(ies) where they live, have grown up, hope and worry. 

A week-long love affair, or more if we hit it off, which begins with questions, a way of looking at things, of directing your phone screen, of writing a line or a page based on a given instruction. 

The creative process culminates in the production of an original documentary in five days, with voice-overs written and recorded by the teenagers themselves. The structure of the film is drawn up in advance, in order to provide a solid enough framework to be edited in four days. 

We would rather the teenagers had not already met so that they can get to know each other during the residency. Let the film – and the workshops that underpin it – be their meeting place. 

The documentary, which lasts about forty-five minutes, is screened in the host space, in a community hall or a city square at the end of the residency. 

A meeting is organized at the end of the screening with all the participants in order to explain the working process.