Maison d’Izieu

Deportation memorial

Since 2018

Accompanying a moment of history


The concept

The Maison d’Izieu is the first memorial to the deportation in France. This place, founded by Sabine Zlatin to take in Jewish children condemned to the concentration camps during the Second World War, inspired the construction of a visual identity based on childhood and the house as a place of refuge. Few embellishments for a simple, discreet, evocative graphic line, leaving room for the archive photo, and therefore, for memory and history.


The form

The logo is a tangram that draws a house of seven rooms. This number corresponds to the number of adults who took care of the children. The name “Maison d’Izieu” is made with a typography composed of forty-four pieces, in reference to the forty-four refugee children. The logo and the typography rub shoulders with the photos. While a color filter is applied to the recent visuals, the archive photos are not processed, for an immediate and direct relationship to the image.