Eau de Cosmo perfumes

Cosmogama develops Eau de Cosmo perfumes: unique, public, political fragrances, in close collaboration with citizens.

What is the olfactory stamp of a city? Or of a theater? How can we translate their values, philosophy or heritage into a perfume, through encounters with their inhabitants or their audience and in collaboration with them? 

Cosmogama has designed an original, community-based and responsible process to create its perfumes. Outside the box. In the heart of cities, working as closely with its inhabitants as possible and with the greatest of olfactory ambitions. 

Like Proust, we believe that the meaning of life is entirely contained in a childhood memory and that this memory is often associated with a scent, a smell, an unforgettable and sometimes inexpressible olfactory trace. What we are looking for, in fragrances as in books, is emotion, singularity, elegance, audacity and authenticity. Not the highway of big brands. Not the paths of niche perfumery. 

We combine our know-how in graphic design and field-writing with the talent, know-how and desire for innovation of a confirmed Nose. 

To release Eau de Cosmo perfumes along with a booklet retracing the creative process of each of our perfumes, we bring together a CCC – Creative Citizen Circle. Far removed from consumer tests that kill creativity as much as the opinion polls that plague us, we wish to involve interested citizens who are ready to engage in conversation workshops that form the basis of our approach.

The Nose takes up the role of as translator and interpreter: he/she translates discussions into essences, produces associations in resonance with memories shared, interprets in his/her own way, based on his/her own intuition. Translating, composing. Using reality and others as inspiration. 

The writer Fabrice Melquiot bears witness, synthesizes, draws the portrait of the Creative Citizens involved and enables an understanding of the process of how perfume is created. 

The Cosmogama graphic design and visual arts studio then handles the packaging and publication of its booklet. The perfume concentrate is diffused in heritage sites. An olfactory journey that can be made on foot. 

For a city as for a theater, the perfume as we conceive it, is a vector of connection, a tool for meditation, a sensory ambassador. 

Eau de Cosmo perfumes are free and offered to the population. We feel a perfume has no price. No longer has a price.

Since it is a meeting.
It is a dialogue.
It is sharing.
It is first and foremost for the people.