The poem is a companion to this concept; silent, discreet words, respectful of the environment in which it is set.

Poem-Totems are inspired as much by cairns as they are by Native American totem poles. They have been chosen as a dialogue with Cosmogama’s home structure. They are engraved on stones or painted on rocks. Sometimes they are a single verse, sometimes an entire stanza. Throughout the stroll, the walker is invited to read, gather, rewrite, letting the words soak in. 


Life travels

No walk
No navigation
Can equal the life
Coursing through your vessels
Centered in the island of the heart
Moving from age to age
No exploration
No geology
Can compare to blood flow
To the alluvia of the body
To the eruptions of the soul
No ascent
No peak
Can outshine the moment
When, in giving you form,
Life granted you life
The slopes of the world
And the resources of the day
No country
No journey
Can compete with this short path
This singular journey
Of life
Andrée Chédid 


This device is part of COSMOLANDS, an installation articulated according to several principles; all are in the service of an appropriation and a dynamization of the places of life. We act in the heart of the cities, on the walls forgotten by the eyes, on the sidewalks where we do our shopping, on the writing lines of the crosswalks, along the mountain paths, in the middle of the forest, in the museums, the churches, the festival halls. To help to live, here is the main stake of COSMOLANDS. To help to live one’s space, to live one’s memory, to live the social body to which one belongs. To quote Pina Bausch: our action would seek to invent moments of pure love.