Alter-signage takes up the road code signs and offers a poetic version, free of the usual messages.

Alter-signage is an installation of road signs placed where people circulate through a city. With short and direct poetic messages, Alter-signage reinventing circulatory spaces, enriching them in a playful and inventive way. It plants a word or a sentence in our minds, which explodes into our reality and heightens it. It maps out an unexpected tourist route and revitalizes the way we look at the public space and at ourselves.


This device is part of COSMOLANDS, an installation at the service of an appropriation and a dynamization of urban, natural and heritage spaces. COSMOLANDS aims to help live one’s space, live one’s memory, live the social body to which one belongs. To quote Pina Bausch: our action would seek to invent moments of pure love.