The Absentees

A CCC – Creative Citizen Circle – collectively revives the memory of departed inhabitants.

“At the Replaton Fort, Léa Rigal made rabbit skin slippers and blackcurrant juice. Her body has been and gone.” This is an example of a micro story staged as part of The Absentees installation, loosely based on the book Spoon River by Edgar Lee Masters. 

We organize a CCC – Citizen Creative Circle – by city or village. The Cosmogama Atelier, under the impetus of the Circle, produces a thousand micro stories about a thousand people who lived in the area where The Absentees are scattered.

The micro stories are printed on posters placed in public spaces. Sometimes on their own, sometimes in bunches.
They invite the walker to broaden their scale of perception, to carry the thread of memory of an ever-changing and dynamic land, aware of its inhabitants, its wealth, its strengths and its uniqueness.

Those who have lived on the land that has been taken over and regenerated by The Absentees are part of our lives, our walks, our way of living in the world and of probing the future.


This device is part of COSMOLANDS, an installation articulated according to several principles; all are in the service of an appropriation and a dynamization of the places of life. We act in the heart of the cities, on the walls forgotten by the eyes, on the sidewalks where we do our shopping, on the writing lines of the crosswalks, along the mountain paths, in the middle of the forest, in the museums, the churches, the festival halls. To help to live, here is the main stake of COSMOLANDS. To help to live one’s space, to live one’s memory, to live the social body to which one belongs. To quote Pina Bausch: our action would seek to invent moments of pure love.