What remains of an image? It is in this question and in the observation that the present consists of a flow of images carrying present and past, and in which other images are buried, that the genesis of the Cosmoramas is found.

A Cosmorama is a black-and-white fresco, in small or large format, created by graphic designer and visual artist Jeanne Roualet. A Cosmorama is a simple yet skilful arrangement of several dozen fragments of images, reshaped, superimposed and merged. It conjures up memories: historical, artistic and personal. It opens the image to other images, to multiple thoughts, aggregated, dissolved, to all human times. A Cosmorama is the view of a unique and plural World, a piece of History composed of many stories.


This device is part of COSMOLANDS, an installation at the service of an appropriation and a dynamization of urban, natural and heritage spaces. COSMOLANDS aims to help live one’s space, live one’s memory, live the social body to which one belongs. To quote Pina Bausch: our action would seek to invent moments of pure love.