A skillful arrangement of reconstructed, superimposed, and combined image fragments created in collaboration with citizens.

Cosmoramas are small or large format black and white frescoes, created by Jeanne Roualet, graphic designer, visual artist and director of the Cosmogama graphic design and visual arts studio. 

Cosmoramas are designed to change the face of a city, a garden, a theater, a company, a museum. Cosmoramas are printed on fine art paper and mounted in shadow box frames. In their larger version, Cosmoramas are printed on synthetic tarpaulins that can cover entire façades. 

They are developed through a participatory process. Citizens are invited into the core of the design process, as the Cosmogama team works in collaboration with a CCC, a Creative Citizen Circle. 

A dozen people are invited to take part in writing workshops and oral workshops run by the team: these encounters determine the Cosmoramas to be created. 

Cosmoramas deal with mental spaces, emotional memory, and the collective unconscious. Their epic scale impresses, their magnitude gives a strong added value to the identity of a city and, like all the concepts we develop, is a real tourist asset. 

Cosmoramas are available in a smaller “poster” format. In addition to the installation of the large frescoes, Cosmogama organizes a day when the CCC will paste up the posters. 

This day is the subject of a photo report that can be combined with the Cosmoramas in a public exhibition. 


This device is part of COSMOLANDS, an installation articulated according to several principles; all are in the service of an appropriation and a dynamization of the places of life. We act in the heart of the cities, on the walls forgotten by the eyes, on the sidewalks where we do our shopping, on the writing lines of the crosswalks, along the mountain paths, in the middle of the forest, in the museums, the churches, the festival halls. To help to live, here is the main stake of COSMOLANDS. To help to live one’s space, to live one’s memory, to live the social body to which one belongs. To quote Pina Bausch: our action would seek to invent moments of pure love.