Black Card

Put on your soccer shoes, bring out your banners, let’s all wear shorts and relive a legendary soccer match as never before.

Have you ever thought of watching the Seville ‘82 match in complete darkness? The 1986 Argentina-Belgium match? The 2017 Barcelona remontada?
Black Card enables couch soccer fans, imaginative sportsmen and women, as well as those left cold by soccer, to joyously relive legendary soccer moments without a flat screen, into the dark. Each featured match is condensed into forty-five minutes of highlights, a half-time break plus a quarter of an hour of extra time by a writer : freeze frame, rebound, digression. Extra time is given for memory and imagination.


This device is part of COSMOBLACK, a set of performances that take place in complete darkness. To enter COSMOBLACK is to discover another attention to the works, a depth of the senses that only the night knows. The place devoted to the gaze becomes a place of listening, the exposed body becomes a sensed body. A new way to go to the theater.