Black Horror

A movie in which the screen is inside us all and the evocative power of sound and word put film noir back into the bloodiest of film genres

Do you enjoy shaking with fear while watching The Thing? Screaming in terror during Poltergeist or The Exorcist? Digging your nails in your neighbor’s arm while watching Carrie or The Blair Witch Project? Welcome to Black Horror, movies without a screen or projector. 

A writer and sound designer are invited to create an original horror movie themed piece. The two artists select several excerpts from three of their favorite movies of the genre. These excerpts are arranged like the soundtrack of a dedicated reader’s digest version. 

The sound designer composes additional segments, in collaboration with the author, who writes texts related to the chosen movies, but also to the horror movie genre, to fear, darkness, screams, fake blood, chainsaws (among others). 

The result is a horrific movie of the mind, a horrific setting for the horrific words of a horrific contemporary writer and the horrific music of an equally horrific composer.


This device is part of COSMOBLACK, a set of performances and encounters that take place in complete darkness. To enter COSMOBLACK is to live the scene by listening to it and to discover another attention to the works, a forgotten concentration, a depth of the senses that only the night knows. The place devoted to the gaze becomes a place of listening, the exposed body becomes a sensed body. What is usually given to see here is given to hear, in an intimacy conducive to confidence, to inner risk, to bareness, to radicality. A new way to go to the theater.