Dark Fado

Heritage + Literature + Contemporary = Dark Fado

COSMOBLACK offers Dark Fado to highlight Cosmogama’s Portuguese roots (one of its offices is located in Évora) and to pay homage to a culture. Dark Fado consists of one of Fado’s voices, accompanied by the guitarra or violão, in the dark. It also involves a writer reading a bespoke text about the birth of Fado, whose origins remain uncertain. The writer’s voice echoes that of the fadista, the narration and singing fuel each other, the music binds the whole and in the dark, memory and imagination take flight. An immersion in the Lusitanian spirit.


This device is part of COSMOBLACK, a set of performances that take place in complete darkness. To enter COSMOBLACK is to discover another attention to the works, a depth of the senses that only the night knows. The place devoted to the gaze becomes a place of listening, the exposed body becomes a sensed body. A new way to go to the theater.